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update 2-25-22

whats up guys?.....we got a big weekend ahead of us....did ya happen to catch Rich and Brandon on the radio this morning?...they did an interveiw with big don and brian jobe on might be able to go to and hear it....big birthday show tomorrow night at The Cellar in Quincy,ILL... Rich is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his 40th birthday(actually it march 1st)... lifelong friend of Rich has birthday on saturday and it has been years since they have celebrated bass player jeff will be making his debut.... also debuting "steppin stone" to the set list... Hopefully see some of Rich's family and old friends to help celebrate this milestone....that and being at a venue that was of Rich's old stomping grounds already has the making of a magical night...

we are starting to book our summer shows, so check in on the show dates...

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